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Admission FAQ

What is the right age for a child to take admission to a Preschool?

Arrow Starting Preschool at 2+ is the right age, however getting admitted at the earliest is advisable.

What benefit child will get from going to a preschool?

Arrow A quality preschool will provide your child with an interactive environment thathelps with their physical, mental, social, emotional, cognitive, and holistic development.

What experience do teachers & staff have?

Arrow A good preschool should have teachers who have done early childhood education from reputed colleges, followed by a competent training program from established organizations. She should havecomplete knowledge of a child’s developmental stages and should also be caring and warm toward children.

How much parental involvement does preschool want?

Arrow This is the most vital aspect of Pre-schooling. Without the complete association of Parents, it is difficult to provide the right education and nurturing to children.

What is the educational philosophy followed by preschool?

Arrow Creating an environment where children can grow in their own way. Providing a well-equipped place for the complete growth of a child.