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Why Little Wits

The Pre School years are the most important developmental years in a child’s entire life. A child will learn continuously throughout their life, but never at the volume and rate that they learn in the first six years of their life.

Early childhood development is crucial for a child’s future. At the foundation skills learned in the early years will have a very important impact on a child’s entire schooling career and life.

Let us understand how a foundational skill affects the child in future aspects of life.

If a child does not develop FINE MOTOR skills will struggle to grip Pen or Pencil and will never have a good handwriting.

If the auditory perception skill in poorly developed the child will struggle with proper reading and listening skills.

Children will poor GROSS MOTOR skills will face problems with postures, tiredness, playing sports and concentrations.

We at LITTLE WITS strongly believe that we are laying the foundation of a child’s future and man’s or woman’s career. We emphasis on the following areas:

Arrow Nurturing inquisitiveness

Arrow Boosting Cognitive skills

Arrow Teaching diversity

Arrow Enhancing social and emotional skills

Arrow Preparing for Schools

Arrow Making life long learner

Arrow Working on concentration building

Arrow Developing early counting and calculating skills