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Beside all play school facilities, We provide some World Class Unique Facilities


Learning is not an isolated brain function . Every nerve & cell is a network contributing to our intelligence and learning capability. So we have included Brain Gym exercises in our program which increases concentration by increasing ‘Focus’ & ‘Centering’ ability. ‘Focus’ is the ability to co-ordinate the back and front area of the brain. ‘Centering’ is the ability to co-ordinate the top and bottom area of the brain. Every individual has a unique ‘PACE’ and Brain Gym exercises increase our ‘PACe’ i.e it makes us more Positive, Active, Clear and Energetic for learning.


This program of ours emphasizes the development of your child’s potential through activites in an all inclusive, non- competitive environment . this helps them to learn how to listen, to focus and stay on task. The idea of gym in school is to encourage their physical fitness.


Kidacus is another name of ‘Abacus for Kids’ only. Abacus is a Latin word that has its origins in the Greek words abax or abakon (meaning “table” or “tablet”) which in turn, possibly originated from the Semitic word abq, meaning “sand”. The abacus is an instrument, a manual tool invented by the Chinese 2000 years ago. We offer training using the Japanese Soroban abacus, which is has one upper row of beads and four lower rows. We have found the Soroban abacus particularly effective for teaching mathematical calculating skills to young children.

The abacus is a tool used by the Chinese since about 500 BC for the simplest of calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as fractions and square roots. A Chinese abacus is made up of a wood frame divided into two parts separated by a beam, with an upper deck of two rows of beads and a lower deck of five rows of beads. A series of vertical rods allows the wooden beads to slide freely. The abacus as we know it today did not appear in China until about 1200 A.D. Over time the abacus traveled to Japan and evolved into what it is called today: the soroban. A soroban is made up of a wooden frame divided into two parts separated by a beam, with upper deck of one row of beads and a lower deck of four rows of beads

We have introduced this in our program to make them aware with the ease of calclution in early childhood . Studies have shown that the introduction of ‘Abacus to Kids’ i.e kidacus on a child’s interin of interest will develop higher computing skills and development of brain. In short, Kidacus make maths , a child’s play only.


Children learn best by observing and copying the behaviors of adults. It is therefore evident that learning is more effective when sensory experiences are stimulated. These include pictures, slides, radios, videos and other audiovisual tools. Audio visual class provides a realistic approach and experience to the kids. The habit of independent learning starts growing through these aids .Audio is a very effective medium of communication, which catch the heart and mind of our growing kids.


When kid used to sit in posture of yoga they automatically develop their concentrating ability and they learn how to be seated in one place which help them at school. It increases balance & quality their muscles too. Through our yoga classes we support their strength and joy together. They Sense both physical and mental recharged after the session.


Maths and magic have been partner for a long time. Children love to be surprise i.e to see magic and try to repeat infront of others without knowing the fact behind them. Merging maths with magic we are trying to creat their interest towards repetition or practice which is a key for excellent number work. Here we also use to do simple tricks with numbers like ‘think a number’, ‘ magic squre’ etyc which increase their curiosity. All these open gate for their brain predict precisely ‘the out comeof doing something. Possibilities for ‘ mind reading’ and other ‘miraculous deeds’.

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