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E Learning

E-learning is a type of learning conducted digitally via electronic media, typically involving the internet.

E-learning can be carried out via the consumption of videos, PDF documents, slideshows and word documents.

There are many ways in which teachers have been implementing e-learning to continue the teaching of their curriculum. One major way is the use of virtual ‘classrooms’ or lessons, using video communication platforms like Zoom. The teacher is able to plan and teach lessons as normal, with all students attending the lessons from their own home. The great thing about Zoom is that it can be accessed on a phone as well as a computer, adding greater flexibility to students.

E-learning allows classrooms and schools to become that bit closer to becoming paperless. While it can’t be said that paper books and materials will completely become obsolete, e-learning tools and resources play a huge part in cutting down on paper waste and helping schools be kinder to the environment.

What we provide in E- Learning:

There are mainly two interfaces of E- Learning which we provide

1. School App

2. School Website

School App.

Apart from being a mode of communication between Parents, Teachers and Management, it has a E- Learning icon. Here we provide our students will all types of digital support along with the going Offline Classes. It has recorded videos of the Teachers which is very help for the student. They can revise the lessons at home. If someone misses the class, these videos can help in making up at home.

There are worksheets, notes and study content provided which is useful for practicing and also saves paper.

Again there are important Links shared for references of certain subjects and topics.

School Website

Along with all the above our website has a section of E- Books. This contains the books taught in class in digital format. These books also have interactive options  like solving MCQ’s. Videos of the chapter for visual understanding. Listening audios for clarity in pronunciation.

This E-learning platforms are  regular access to the students which keeps the students connected with School and Studies even when they are at home.