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Exodus Party

Sagar Chourasia
June 13th, 2023

In a burst of cheerful greetings and heartfelt best wishes, Little Wits family bid farewell to the students of Infant 2, as they are stepping towards their formal schooling. The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers, to reminisce joyous moments.

The program started with a beautiful welcome song, presented by their loving teachers. The Diploma Certificates have been awarded to them in recognition of the completion of their preschool. The eye-catching moments were the “goodbye song” performed by our teachers at the end.

We distributed the small saplings among all the kids and delivered the message “Wherever Life Plants you, Bloom with Grace”.

As a token of their fond memories in school, we have shown them a video collage with all the moments we spent together in school. It was indeed an emotional moment for teachers, students, and parents as well.

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