Franchises Faqs

 What is the tenure of the contract between the Franchisee and Little Wits? What happens after 5 years?

Arrow The initial tenure of the contract is 5 years. Under normal circumstances, subject to satisfactory performance of the centre, the contract is renewed thereafter without any additional payment.

 How much time does it take for the centre to become operational?

Arrow If the place is ready for possession, a centre taken any thing between 15-30 days to become operational.

 Who decides the fee structure?

Arrow The fee structure is jointly arrived at after discussions between the franchise and Little Wits. It depends on the paying capacity of parents in the neighborhood, fees charged by competition and facilities offered by the centre.

 Who collects the fees from the parents?

Arrow TThe franchise collects the fees from the parents.

 Does the franchise need to own the premise?

Arrow No. The preschool can be conducted from a leased premise as well. Please note that the lease contract with the landlord should have a minimum lock in period of 5 years.

 Does the franchise allow to conduct other activities in the centre after school hours?

Arrow At upper Infant level apart from English vernacular like Hindi/ Bengali as 2nd language is introduced to have the command over these languages and make them confident to be a part of any formal school.

Faq Arrow The franchise is free to conduct other activities after the school hours. However, care must be taken to ensure that the equipment does not get damaged in any way.

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