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2 years+


2 hrs. 15 mins. per day

Children starts to explore the world around them as soon as they are born. We are only providing a platform which enables the children to continue their exploration.
The Toddler program is specially crafted for child aged between 2 years+. This programmed is designed by keeping their holistic development in mind. They can get accustomed to the pre school learning environment & get to know their peer group. Toddlar program is an extension of home. Often, this is the first time the child comes away from the comfort of familiar people and surroundings at home and steps into an unknown world. At little wits, we do our best to make the transition smooth and hassle-free. We strive to provide the child with an environment that will jump-start his/her developmental process. We succeed by using age-appropriate materials and help the child acquire knowledge and understanding of practical concepts through innovative learning and play.

The Key area in toddlers curriculum

Arrow Early Settlement of the child outside the home

Arrow Develop listening and speaking of Words

Arrow Exposure of English the second language for the child

Arrow Develop a grasp hold to enable scribbling, irrespective of pattern and shape

Arrow Exploration of letters, Numbers, primary shapes, primary colours.

Arrow Development of cognition to cause and effect relationship

Arrow Development of fine and gross physical motor skills

Arrow Develop cognition through sensorial activities

In this program we offer play school activity based Learning & development experience through,

Arrow Rhymes

Arrow Free play

Arrow Outdoor play

Arrow Move to the tune

Arrow Story time

Arrow Art & craft

Arrow Scrap book activity

Arrow Sensory time

Arrow Water play

Arrow Sand play

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