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Infant 2

Age Group

5 years+


3 hrs.

The final transition takes place at this age the complete transition for pre school learning to primary school learning. In addition to age-appropriate activites helps the child for success in formal school.

Ittle wits Infant-2 program is a comprehensive, focused and skill-based program. Specific activities are tailored towards the individual child’s skill sets. Working in a group, sharing ideas, listening, interacting with peers and teachers form the basis of the curriculum. Continuous development of language skills and learning makes this program the perfect way to groom the little one for his/her big debut into full-time formal schooling

In this class the activity involves are like-

Arrow Simple maths

Arrow Writting skill

Arrow Accuring knowledge

Arrow Words development

Arrow Recognize letters and letter/sound associations

Arrow Write his/her name

Arrow Answer questions and retell stories for reading comprehension

Arrow Sequence numbers from 1-20 or higher

Arrow Add with concrete objects

Arrow Make simple predictions and explorations in science

Arrow Good social skills development

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